discoverE analysts can assist in all stages of the eDiscovery workflow:

  • Identification/Data mapping
    – Consolidate information from custodian and IT interviews into a detailed summary where potential sources of ESI reside
  • Forensic Collection & Data Preservation
    – forensically sound and defendable imaging of digital data from computers, servers, cell phones, tablets (ipads) media cards, external hard disk drives, etc.,
  • Data Processing,
    – to include keyword searches, de-nist & de-duplication of data
  • Review and Analysis of data
    – to help ascertain the who, what, when, where, and why types of questions
  • Report preparation and court presentation
    – Prepare reports in a format that complies with the Rules of Civil Procedure.
    – Presentation of analysis & finding in court

discoverE provides flexibility in terms of scope of engagement being able to assist you during any or all of the stages of your work flow. Typically the costing of the above is dependent on the type of work required and not the amount of data involved.