Cell Phones Forensics

discoverE forensic analysts are able to assist with the following cell phone forensics:

  • Extraction of live data (logical extraction) on devices including-
    – Phone call logs
    – SMS, iMessages, Facebook Chats etc.
    – Contact details
    – Photographs
    – Internet bookmarks / history
    – Emails
    – Geo-Location information
  • Extraction of all data (physical extraction) on device including-
    – All the above information
    – Including deleted messages, call logs, photographs etc.
  • Analysis of extracted data, report preparation and presentation

At discoverE we have the skills, experience, forensic software and hardware to extract, analyse and report on this valuable and often overlooked source of data.

Cell phones and tablets have become ubiquitous and indispensable in everyone’s life. As the functionality of cell phones has exponentially increased over the last few years so has the amount and type of data stored on them. This is now to a point where potentially they may hold more relevant data than their users home computer. These devices can be a rich source of valuable evidence in all types of investigations. Our analysts have been designated “Expert Witnesses” at all levels of court in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.