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Forensic Investigations

At discoverE Consulting we carry out these types of investigations by implementing forensically sound, industry accepted methodologies, using an array of leading forensic technologies and our extensive experience to execute targeted analytical strategies, tailored to the specific requirements of each assignment.

Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones and tablets have become ubiquitous and indispensable in everyone’s life. As the functionality of cell phones has exponentially increased over the last few years so has the amount and type of data stored on them. This is now to a point where potentially they may hold more relevant data than their users home computer. These devices can be a rich source of valuable information.


discoverE provides flexibility in terms of scope of engagement being able to assist you during any or all of the stages of your work flow. Typically the costing of the above is dependent on the scope of work required and not the amount of data involved.

Expert Witness

discoverE analysts have many years of experience in both Law Enforcement and Civil Litigation cases examining all manner of devices holding digital data, including computers, servers, tablets, cell phones, GPS devices, thumb drives, and camera storage media. Using the most up to date software and hardware on both computer and cell phone examinations.

discoverE Consulting Inc. – Digital Forensic Analysts

Providing its clients with comprehensive digital forensic and analytical solutions.
discoverE Consulting is a Maritime Provinces based professional services provider. We are designated experts within the field of digital forensics with extensive experience working in specialist Law Enforcement roles and Civil Litigation investigations.